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Psalms 149:4 (AMP) For the Lord takes pleasure in His people;
He will beautify the humble with salvation.

Many of us today care so much about how we look like, this isn’t a bad thing. And many of us especially the ladies will put on something extra to enhance our beauty, still not a bad thing. How much time though, are you giving into this small thing, how much energy and even money are you putting into looking good for the world??? Make up is a worldly thing, there’s no doubt there and while it is fun and makes you look nice, are you putting in the same or even more energy into being in the position of humility before the Lord?

I came across this verse last night and I was mightily blessed by it. The Lord makes us beautiful, HOW??? With salvation. I had never looked at my walk as make up, as a beautifying process. But it is, it’s the Lord’s way of bringing the gold out of you. All He requires is humility and the you get the most precious long lasting make up you will ever come across.

Personally, I am not a makeup person, but last night I discovered that Yes!!! I am actually a makeup person and my make up is called SALVATION. So show me your makeup and I will show you mine.

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